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Culinary Flowers Gift of Seeds
Culinary Flowers Gift of Seeds
Culinary Flowers Gift of Seeds
Culinary Flowers Gift of Seeds

Culinary Flowers Gift of Seeds

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Flowers so beautiful you could eat them? Go ahead with the new Culinary Flowers Gift of Seeds.  Included in the ‘Edibles’ Gift of Seeds range, this will make a perfect gift that is both stunning and useful. This pack contains a mix of Nasturtium, Viola, and Cornflower seeds. After watching your flowers bloom, tuck in and enjoy. 

Plant this gorgeous variety in full sun in spring and summer. Bury seeds as deep as the height of the seed, and keep soil moist.

Featuring original artwork by Daniella Germain, the Culinary Flowers Gift of Seeds includes a packet of mixed seeds, a plastic plant label and sowing instructions.

Created in 2010 by Michelle Brady and now based in Maleny, Queensland, Sow' n Sow combine a love of gardening with a flair for design to make products that are guaranteed to delight professional and novice gardeners alike.

Their special, eco-friendly gifts are uniquely devoted to the cultivation and perseveration of flowers, blossoms, and fauna as beautiful works of art.

All seeds are non-hybrid, open pollinated, non-genetically modified varieties sourced from reputable suppliers both within Australia and abroad. They should be stored in a cool, dry place for long term viability (a shelf life of around two years). Packages are Australian made from recycled paper envelopes.