8 Wax Block Crayons in Tin Box

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Stockmar's non-toxic beeswax crayons have immense sensory appeal for children, with vibrant colours, smooth texture, and a pleasant odour. They are also long-lasting, providing countless artistic opportunities without snapping or becoming dull.

Lines appear smoothly, without the smudging, crumbling, or flaking of cheaper crayons, and the drawn wax can be thick enough for advanced techniques like melting and scraping. 

8 rectangular shaped blocks in blue tin with scraper.

The Hans Stockmar Company was founded in northern Germany in 1922, and initially offered beekeeping supplies and candles. Over time, and in cooperation with Waldorf school art teachers, the company developed many other products, including modelling beeswax, wax crayons, water colour paints and decorative wax sheets.