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Aboriginal Girl Doll 38cm

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The Australian Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Dolls are a world-first collaboration with Miniland to create an Aboriginal Doll specifically for the Australian market.

The company's core values of diversity, respect and inclusion mean that, for many children, this represents the first time they will be able to play with dolls that look like them.

The response from the community for these collaborations has been overwhelmingly positive, highlighting Miniland’s ethical and inclusive approach while providing a boost for several Aboriginal small businesses.

The dolls were developed in consultation with several Indigenous Australian individuals and families, including the renowned artist Garry Purchase.

3.5% of all proceeds are being donated to Aboriginal community-led group Children’s Ground. This organisation is creating change by working closely with First Nations communities, integrating locally-led approaches with global best practice and building on the strength and culture of the people to change the future for the next generation.

Miniland Educational dolls are an entertaining and valuable resource which encourage children to understand the concepts of family, social skills, population, and racial diversity through play.

Established in Spain in 1962, Miniland Educational place an emphasis on the teaching aspects of their toys to help kids and adults make the most of play time. All dolls are anatomically correct, possessing individual features and flexible heads, arms, and legs.

Suitable for 18 months+.