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Waffle Bath Towel

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This cotton and linen bath towel from Kontex has a unique waffle-like texture arranged in a lattice that is soft to the touch, lightweight and highly absorbent. Gently woven on old-fashioned Japanese looms to maintain the integrity of the threads, the result is a thicker towel with reduced shrinkage and incredible comfort that faster contemporary machines cannot replicate.

Each towel has a hanging loop so it is easy to hook, and their stylish looks make them a wonderful addition to any bathroom.

Cotton 70% Linen 30%

65cm x 115cm. 

Based in the Imabari region of Japan, Kontex Co. have been making their unique range of bath, hand, and wash cloth towels since 1934. Each pure fiber of cotton and linen is gently woven using older, traditional looms and this slower method maintains the delicate properties of the material while bringing out its natural softness.

The towels are multi-purpose, lightweight, absorbent, quick drying, durable and eco-friendly. All fibers are cleansed in water from Mt Ishizuchi and dyed using natural colours.