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12 Ferby Colour Pencils

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Lyra Short Ferby are the perfect first pencil for little hands. The lead is virtually unbreakable, while the pencils' hexagonal shape ensures a comfortable grip and stops them from rolling off desks. The rich colour is thanks to highly pigmented lead which is water and smudge proof. 

The wood in the pencils comes from sustainably managed forests.

Includes - 001 White 007 Lemon Yellow 013 Orange 018 Scarlet Lake 029 Pink Madder Lake 032 LIght Flesh 038 Violet 047 Light Blue 051 Prussian Blue 067 Sap Green 076 Van-Dyck Brown 099 Black

In 1868, Germany’s Johann Froescheis II registered the brand LYRA, making it one of the oldest pencil brand trademarks in the world. In the early 1900s, the LYRA company was producing roughly 1,000,000 individual pencils per week, making it one of the oldest and most prolific pencil manufacturers in the world.

Today, LYRA is known for wooden high-quality graphite/lead and coloured pencils and accessories which are loved by students and professional artists alike. Their products not only excel in the quality department, they also set a new standard for design, functionality, and resilience.