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Olli Ella

Holdie Folk Dinosaur’s

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Better than a trip to the museum! Say hello to Holdie™ Folk Dinosaurs.   

Little explorers and time travellers alike come face-to-face with a trio of fantastic beasts that once roamed the earth. Back from extinction and ready to play in the magical Holdie World, these prehistoric pals are handmade using a soft wool blend – plus {unlike regular dinosaurs} little enough to fit in pockets and stash in backpacks.   

Find shy Stegosaurus nibbling ferns, befriend the frilly Triceratops stomping in the swamp or hatch a Brontosaurus out of the Egg Basket… with a sprinkle of imagination, the adventures are endless.    

Holdie™ Folk Dinosaurs are beautifully packaged in a collectable and recyclable box. Suitable for 0+ and sold as a set, they make the perfect gift for a special occasion or to display alongside other Holdie™ Folk 

Each Holdie Folk Dinosaur can stand on their own feet
Holdie Folk Dinosaurs are all handmade using a soft wool blend
 Holdie Folk Dinosaurs come in a recycled box free from plastic packaging
 Age recommendation: 0+

Height: 12cm
Length: 18cm (per dinosaur)

Weight: 0.1 kg

Surface clean only with a cool, damp cloth
Do not bleach