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Leah Elson

Lucy Loses A Tooth, Book and Exchange Envelope

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Lucy enters the conundrum of losing her first tooth. But she didn’t just ‘lose’ it, she completely lost it!

When adversity comes her way and things don’t go to plan, what will Lucy do? Will she rediscover the misplaced tooth? Or will she recognise there's more than one way to solve a problem?

Builds resilience in your child.

Enhances their imagination.

Teaches gentle lessons in honesty.

Invites the reader into a world of magic.

Helps your child go to sleep.

Encourages creativity.

Brings excitement to the transformational time of losing a tooth.

Fosters the connection between you and your child.

Hard covered and bound.

Made with recycled paper.

Beautifully illustrated by renowned artist, Julia Astreico.

Ethically created.

Printed on 200gsm high gloss premium paper.

Limited in availability.

  • Delivered to your door in compostable packaging

Communicate with the Tooth Fairy with your very own tooth exchange envelope. 

The luxe grosgrain ribbon loop means you can hang your envelope on the door handle (never wake a sleeping child!). 

Leave letters, loose teeth, coins, glitter, and more on the door, ready for beautiful morning moments.

Made from linen.

Ethically crafted.


Hand washable.

Includes a soft velcro closure.

Lucy is set to pull at heart strings, ignite your dreams, and build a rock-solid foundation of never-give-up-ness in your little person.

There’s an adventure around every corner. Bring magic into your home and turn the pages to find out!