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Onion Basket Duo - The Little Store

Onion Basket Duo

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Olli Ella's Onion Basket Duo is a true delight to be loved in the pantry and beyond. Use the big basket to transform your colourful root veggies into a culinary masterpiece, while the littlest one is the perfect size to catch garlic bulbs, herbs and small produce

Mount the Duo on a hook or peg rail and fill it with dried flowers, plants or even your child's toys for a lovely wall ornament.

Woven by hand and made from 100% Natural Rattan.

Medium: 20cm x 33cm.
Small: 14cm x 24.5cm.

Founded in 2010 by sisters Chloe and Olivia Brookman, Ollie Ella believes in the principal that toys, trinkets, and treasures created for children can look good in grown-up spaces too.

Based in Byron Bay, and with offices in London and Los Angeles, they use natural, sustainable materials to make products that are effortless, playful, and function.