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Palo Santo Offering

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Palo Santo is the name of a sacred indigenous tree growing in the Andes that naturally produces sweetly aromatic, hypoallergenic medicinal resin. Enjoyed by many for it's energetically cleansing and healing properties.

Featuring a finely hand-wrapped bundle that includes two of our Palo Santo Incenses.

2 Breu + Palo Santo incense 
4 Pure Palo Santo hand pressed bricks 

Burn time is approximately 50 minutes per stock.

Please burn on a safe heat resistant surface.

Incausa's handcrafted products are used in ritual and meditation practices that touch on ancient traditions. They are are passionate about supporting artisans and indigenous communities in Peru and Brazil through sustainable and ethical practices.

Incausa work with the villages and associations of eight different native ethnicities to promote meaningfulness in profit, mindful growth and community - maintaining a positive and direct pathway between artisans and retailers.