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Olli Ella

Ratten Hanging Hutch Basket

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Handmade from 100% Rattan with the perfect amount of je ne sais quoi our handy Hanging Hutch is as pretty as it is helpful!

Made for stashing and storing this hanging wonder holds books, letters, cosmetics, dried flowers, and any other bits and bobs you may need to hide away! It’s also a wonderful Hutch to stash your kiddo’s collection of Holdie Folk and toys in too!
Hang it in the laundry, bathroom, kitchen, and nursery, or spruce up a hallway with this Rattan hanging house that’s sure to make you smile every time you idle by it!

• Made with 100% Natural Rattan
• Handmade in Vietnam
• Features a Vegan Leather hanging loop • Holds up to 3.5kg
• Due to this item’s handmade nature, weaving and rattan consistency varies with each product, making it unique and genuinely artisan in nature!

• L33cmxW16cmxH32cm
• 0.35kg
• Wipe clean with a soft, damp cloth, do not wash.