Small Spider Giraffe

Small Spider Giraffe

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This knitted spider Giraffe  is made by Kenana Knitters, a charity dedicated to supporting local communities and families in Kenya. 

Woven with love and crafted with sustainable, non-toxic materials, the 100% wool used is grown locally, spun on recycled bicycle wheels, and dyed using all-natural dyes from plants and vegetables.

Due to their handmade nature, each Ditsy Spider Elephant is one of a kind and can vary slightly in color, size, and shape. Each one comes with a beautiful tag handwritten by the spinner.

32cm tall.


Kenana Knitters is a grassroots organisation situated near Njoro, Kenya and founded in 1998 by local Patricia Nightingale. Patricia taught women in the area to knit beautiful, organic cotton products using local, sustainable resources. By providing a safe, family-friendly working environment and a feeling of togetherness, Kenana Knitters empowers women, offering them a chance to work and take charge of their lives with pride and dignity. 

The organisation also provides a monthly health clinic with free eye checks, a savings plan, daily newspapers and access to free electricity for phone and torch charging.