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Spreading Knife No. 117 - Natural

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This Opinel spreader is ideal for butter, jam, chocolate and other guilty pleasures. The generous spatula blade allows quick and precise spreading along with a perfect cut every time.

Stainless steel blade with a beechwood handle.


Opinel was established in 1890 in the town of Chambery, situated in the French Alps. Today, the company is run by the descendants of founder Joseph Opinel, employing over 100 people, and selling around 15 million knives to 70 countries each year. 

Originally sold as a working man's blade, an Opinel knife has become symbolic of French culture, with iconic artist Pablo Picasso reportedly using one as a sculpting tool. 

Opinel offer a range of beautiful, versatile knives and pocket tools for home use, sport, outdoor activities, and gardening. Made of high carbon and stainless steel, together with a wooden handle, each knife features a unique “twist lock” mechanism to ensure safe handling.