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Mindful & Co Kids

Yoga Snap Game

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Beautifully hand-illustrated Yoga Snap Card Game from Mindful & Co - Kids, featuring 13 sets of easy to follow yoga pose cards.  A fun, educational and interactive take on the classic card game Snap, and a wonderful source of mindfulness and focus. 

Regular yoga and mindfulness can help your child to cultivate calm, clear their mind, self-regulate their emotions, practice gratitude, and become more self-aware in times of stress. By exercising their memory and visual matching skills, your child will enhance their concentration, focus, intellectual skills, critical thinking, short-term memory, creativity and planning.

The Mindful & Co – Kids range teaches children to connect with themselves and the world around them, giving them the tools to embrace scary situations and big life decisions while feeling assured and safe in their choices.

Having spent over two years conducting research on the scientific benefits of mindfulness as part of her Master’s degree, Mindful & Co founder Jacqueline Yeats holds the firm belief that mindfulness has the ability to help youths overcome stress, anxiety, and depression.